The actual trend to supply all kind of pleasure yachts (displacement, semidisplacement or planning type) with roll stabilizer equipment has become in these last years a strong request.


Roll stabilization is normally obtained by two or four active fins. Conventional wisdom stipulates that these fins are effective only when boat is cruising. However, after extensive researches, VT Naiad Marine became the first company to successfully use fins to significantly reduce roll dumping while a vessel is at anchor. In cooperation with the MARIN Institute of Amsterdam, VT Naiad Marine designed the world’s first STABILIZATION AT ANCHOR S@A system. In 1998, this revolutionary system was firstly fitted to the 71mt. M/Y BOADICEA. VT Naiad Marine is proud to have pioneered and implemented a truly innovative technology which logically extends performances and comfort of traditional stabilization systems while the vessel is at anchor. System is suitable for vessels 25-75 mt. length. The first Stabilization At Anchor installed in Italy is on board of MY DIONEA, 52 mt., completely refitted.
Principle of operation: the rolling is detected by a very sensitive ‘three terms’ (roll angle, speed, acceleration) sensor unit. The signal, sent by the sensor unit to the control system, is fully proportional, ‘adaptive’ type. The signal, processed by the control system, produces a calibrated pilot signal to the servo valves, which causes a quick rotary movement of the fins.
By accurately timing the fin movement (acceleration, angular speed and deceleration), a substantial force is generated to counteract the vessel’s rolling motion at anchor. To prevent the system from operating at very small roll angles, an angular threshold is incorporated in the controller. In these circumstances the fins act less “nervous” thus minimizing noise and needless wear of the system.


Cruising, whether joined with a high comfort level for Owner and his Family, Guests and also for the Crew, rises the sailing pleasure, even if in heavy sea conditions.The demand always growing of roll stabilizers is due either to the trend of the Shipyards to build vessels having bigger lenghts or to the great development in chartering market. By considering the sum of these factors and adding that these new vessels are frequently cruising on the Oceanic routes, you can easily understand how much it is important and safe to have reliable roll stabilizers installed on board.


Most part of the Owners and Captains of old operating vessels are much and much interested in possible retrofit of stabilizer equipment, whilst those ones having recent models often require to upgrade the control system. This is in fact the heart of the equipment and the last years technology has improved the control allowing a very quite navigation also in worse sea conditions.
In the last period requests for conversion of existing stabilizers in at anchor systems are growing. Samos already carried out many conversions with success.

SAMOS offers the largest production range of hydrodynamically efficient fins – from 3 ft2 (0.3 m2) to over 65ft2 (6.0 m2). Featuring a planform and foil configuration proven and optimized over 25 years, VT Naiad Marine standard fins deliver maximum lift with minimum drag over an exceptionally wide range operating angles and speeds.
Carefully constructed of the finest materials, VT Naiad Marine standard fins are incredibly strong. Each fin’s fiberglass composite shell is suitably reinforced and then filled with special closed cell synthetic foam specifically designed for marine duty. A precision-machined stainless steel tapered internal reinforcing structure allows each fin to be installed quickly and with infinite radial positioning. VT Naiad Marine fins are field interchangeable.
Custom fin capabilities extend well beyond fin size and configuration. Fins fabricated of advanced composites employing Kevlar and/or carbon fiber are available in addition to custom GRP, steel and stainless steel fin structures.
VT Naiad Marine produces customized steel fins for larger vessels.