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The Samos company philosophy has always been based on offering its customers technologically innovative systems that are reliable over time and in terms of performance. To be sure of satisfying the customer, the partners have always been selected taking into consideration the quality of the products and services offered.
All equipment is vital for the operation and comfort of the boats/craft and, by their nature, are strictly connected to its structure and therefore subject to rigorous controls during production and installation, as well as certifications by the main classification societies.
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Samos is the exclusive dealer in Italy for Naiad Dynamics US, manufacturer of control systems for pleasure, commercial, and military vessels, among which stabilizers, thrusters, interceptors, foils. Naiad Dynamics can offer the most advanced technology, the best performance and, above all, efficient and guaranteed worldwide technical support thanks to their sales and service centers located in key regions.

Opem Sistemi, part of the Samos group, manufactures naval equipment for yachts, passenger, and military vessels.
The design and construction characteristics of Opem Sistemi’s products meet the main Classification Societies’ regulations as well as the customization requests from customers.
Opem Sistemi’s production focuses on electro-hydraulic or/and electric steering systems and mooring machinery.

SETEC is an Italian company based in Turin that makes electrical motion (Nautimove is the division dedicated to naval applications) its strong point. Samos has seized the opportunity to introduce a whole range of innovative applications to the market of pleasure boating for megayachts, ranging from electric telescopic carbon lighting bow masts to on-board electrical motion systems (cranes, hatches, platforms).

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The partnership between Samos and Mitsubishi dates back to the early 2000s and concerns the promotion and maintenance of retractable stabilizer systems present on commercial and passenger ships operating in Europe. Samos takes care in particular the sale of spare parts and the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on the ships during their stay at the dry dock. The technical assistance service is adequately trained and constantly updated.

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Samos has signed an agreement with Hull Vane BV for the distribution in Italy of their range of submerged appendages (a fixed hydrofoil) designed ad hoc and built to optimize the hydrodynamic efficiency of displacement vessels including yachts, passenger, and military ships. The advantages guaranteed by such systems are essentially reduction of fuel consumption and noise, and improvement of the trim during navigation.
Thanks to a further development carried out in collaboration with Naiad Dynamics, Hull Vane is able to make its appendages “dynamic”, thus ensuring also a significant reduction in pitching.

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