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Samos is the exclusive dealer in Italy for Naiad Dynamics US, manufacturer of control systems for pleasure, commercial, and military vessels, among which stabilizers, thrusters, interceptors, foils.
Naiad Dynamics can offer the most advanced technology, the best performance and, above all, efficient and guaranteed worldwide technical support thanks to their sales and service centers located in key regions.

Cutting-edge motion control systems

The current trend of equipping pleasure crafts (displacement, semi-displacement, semi-planing and planing) with stabilizing fin systems has become a virtually indispensable requirement.
Stabilization is usually achieved with the use of two or four active fins capable of drastically reducing roll during navigation and at anchor. Naiad Dynamics, in addition to having acquired the Vosper Thornicroft division in the past, was the first to successfully use fins to reduce roll when the craft is at anchor.

First in Italy

The first anchor stabilization system installed in Italy is on board the 52m M/Y DIONEA, completely renovated in the early 2000s.
The roll is controlled by a system of 'three terms' detectors (angle, speed, roll acceleration). The signal, sent by the sensors to the control unit, is completely proportional, of the 'adaptive' type. This signal is reprocessed and transformed into a calibrated signal capable of driving the servo valves, thus controlling the movement of the fins.
With accurate timing (acceleration, angular velocity, and deceleration), the fins generate a force capable of counteracting the roll of the boat at anchor. To avoid system operation in the event of very low roll angles, an angular threshold sensor is incorporated into the control unit. In this way, the fins act less 'nervous', thus minimizing the noise and unnecessary wear of the system.

Fully Electric System

As a further technological evolution, in the last few years Naiad Dynamics has extended its range of stabilization systems by introducing “fully electric” stabilizers. In essence, the implementation passes from ``electro-hydraulic`` to ``fully electric`` thanks to the adoption of electromechanical components such as reducers, motors, and latest generation inverters.
Thrusters have also become standard equipment.
Naiad Dynamics offers a wide range of thrusters which construction and operational characteristics are based on the experience of over thirty years of the group. The quality of the design, supported by accurate tests, and the reliability of the group in both hydraulic and electrical applications, make the propellers a strength point.

New builds

Navigation, if combined with a high level of comfort for the owner, family, guests and, last but not least, for the crew, greatly increases the pleasure of going out to sea even in adverse conditions. The ever-increasing demand for systems capable of controlling the trim of boats is closely linked to the tendency of shipyards to build more comfortable and larger boats/crafts.

Control System Conversions and (AtRest®) upgrades

Also among owners and captains of crafts already in operation, there is growing interest in possible retrofits to improve comfort using the latest technologies. It is often necessary to update the control system. The latter is in fact the heart of the system and major steps forward have been made in recent years, allowing for smooth navigation even in the most difficult sea conditions.
In recent times, requests for the conversion of stabilizer systems into new anchor systems have become increasingly frequent. Samos has successfully carried out numerous conversions.

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